Restaurant Sabatini – Florence

Restaurant Sabatini – Florence

There are very few restaurants in Italy that can boast 90 years of life and where clients can be welcomed in so many languages, including Japanese.

“Sabatini” has always been well known in Florence for being an excellent restaurant because here tradition and quality walk hand in hand. Thus dining here becomes a rite that also becomes an elegant familiarity. While the menu contains many international dishes, it also celebrates the Italian and Tuscan cuisine, with the famous T-bone steak (always cooked on a charcoal grill), in particular. Sabatini is moreover the only restaurant in Europe to offer a complete flambé menu. It boasts five hundred wines on the wine list. Solid and healthy traditions of great quality are always maintained, with nothing improvised or done simply to impress. It is almost a club of noble gastronomy that has been frequented by the Florentines for nearly a century, apart from its many demanding international clients, who have heard about “Sabatini” in their own countries long before coming to Italy.

It would in fact be ridiculous to talk about Sabatini as being new, because its name alone represents life in Florence. Sabatini has always stood benignly right in the ancient heart of the city in Via Panzani, halfway between the Cathedral and the Station for over eighty years of its history, though, in recent years, its close ties with the city seemed to have weakened to a certain extent thanks to its income policies and excessive sympathy for foreign markets.

Florence is lucky enough to host a venue that other city in the world would love to possess.

Where: Restaurant Sabatini
Via Panzani, 9/a Firenze
Tel. +39-055211559 | +39-055282802
Fax +39-055210293

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