Italian hospitality conquers the European rankings: at least 2 out of 10 winners in each category are Italian and in the Luxury category is Italy the most awarded nation . With 125 facilities awarded and 150 awards received, Italy is reconfirmed protagonist with tourist excellence that dominate the international scene.
At the fourteenth edition of Travelers’ Choice Hotel Awards .
European rankings : Italian luxury conquers Europe – Looking at the top 10 Europeans, one notices the massive presence of Italian structures, which earn at least two places among the best in each category. In addition to Casa Portagioia and Bellevue Syrene at the top of the European rankings of the B & Bs and the Best Hotels respectively, on the European podium of the Best Small Hotels is placed, in second place, the La Minerva hotel , in Capri (NA), also sixth in the world. And the Italian hospitality gets the podium, in Europe, even for the Best Luxury Hotels, where excels at the The Gritti Palace Hotel, in Venice, (3rd) which climbs 6 positions compared to last year. And that’s not all: luxury is the category in which Italy obtains the best results, the only nation with 3 hotels awarded in the European Top 10. Together with The Gritti Palace, in fact, among the best 10 Luxury Hotels in Europe also include Bellevue Syrene (6th) and Portrait Firenze (9th).