Entire tickets, per person
€ 22,00
from 03.02.2024 to 24.02.2024

The Carnival of Viareggio has been the most spectacular Italian festival since 1873, testimony to the artistic and organizational skills of Italians in the world.

Masks, floats, parades and lots of fun
The masked course has just turned 150 but doesn’t look it and already gives you an appointment for a new edition. Get ready to experience a moment of pure joy and irony among the creations of the papier-mâché masters, the costumes, the confetti, the music, the choreography, the local parties. 2024 is not that far away: discover the program of the fashion shows on the Viali a Mare.
  • Thursday 8 February 2024: 2nd night masked course
  • Sunday 11 February 2024: 3rd afternoon masked course
  • Tuesday 13 February 2024: 4th night masked course
  • Sunday 18 February 2024: 5th afternoon masked course
  • Saturday 24 February 2024: 6th closing masked course with fireworks display

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