The Doge’s Palace

€ 34
each person

Every day at 10,45 or at 2.15 pm

Explore the splendid rooms of the Palazzo Ducale, the true heart of Venetian political power!

Explore the splendid Doge’s Palace, the true heart of Venetian political power!

Would you like to discover the places where the Doge and his council held the fate of Venice?
Together with an experienced and qualified tour guide you will visit the halls of power, immersing yourself in medieval Europe among the stuccoes halls and hundreds of masterpieces.
You will be amazed by the richness of detail of the Golden Staircase, reliving the anguish of prisoners crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs and entering the Venetian prison in which you will see how the prisoners of the Most Serene Republic lived. A tour that will forever live in your memories!


WHERE AND WHEN: Every day at 10,45 am from the Clock Tower (meeting point) in Piazza San Marco or at 2.15 pm from the Palazzina Selva Venice Pavillon, (near meeting Harry’s Bar). Please be at the meeting point 10 min before.

DURATION: 1h 15 min


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